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Our updated tee is a tongue in cheek, modern day take on Lil red riding hood and takes place during summer at a NZ beach. Our Lil Red is kitted out in a beach towel hoodie, ready for a swim and day at the beach with a basket full of our PCC cookie tubs to snack on when she happens upon a hungry wolf and offers him some much needed cookie sustenance. :) The grateful wolf thanks her and does a happy dance which he uploads on Tik Tok and goes viral :)


This inaugural run of these tees comes in Mens Staple As Colour and Womens Maple As Colour sizing:

Women's AS Colour (for sizing:

White, Pink, Pale blue

Men's AS Colour (for sizing:

Black, White, Pale blue in Med, Lge, Xlge


Available in limited shades and sizes for now. If you are interested in a size & shade we don't have please send us an email. 


We are super proud to have used  Print Room for our tees for their eco-friendly mindset

The tees are AS Colour and Print Room use water-based inks, contain no toxic chemicals and plant trees for tees ordered :)!  



Cold water wash, do not iron or dry clean. Do not use fabric softener. 

Pt Chev Cookies Tee

GST Included
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