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We are committed to the environment and have focused on sourcing eco-friendly packaging.

Our container is made of recyclable paper and the cookies are wrapped in cellulose which is home compostable. The paper labels are made from FSC paper and part of the eco packaging alliance.


Our signature brown cookie tub is made from Brown Kraft Paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations and is 100% recyclable. The inside of the tub is lined with PLA.

The cookies may look like they are wrapped in plastic but they aren't, the bags are NATUREFLEX™ – a compostable and renewable packaging film and certified home compostable within 8-12 weeks, and have incredible grease, oil and fat resistance.  The cellulose is derived from FSC certified renewable wood pulp.

So go on and chuck them to worms in your compost :)

Our lovely NZ Artisan Award, tissue paper and Pt Chev Cookies tape are all made by the amazing Noissue, which is part of the Eco Packaging Alliance and we use crumpled paper to support our tubs during delivery.

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